Validation Workshop

The South Sudan Center for Strategic and Policy Studies (CSPS)  in collaboration with International Development Research Center (IDRC) held a validation workshop on UNDERSTANDING RESEARCH AND KNOWLEDGE ECOSYSTEMS IN SOUTH SUDAN THROUGH A MAPPING STUDY AND THEMATIC DIALOGUE SERIES. The Validation workshop was convened on Thursday 27th October, 2022 at Pyramid Continental Hotel, Juba . During the validation workshop six papers on thematic areas and policy paper were presented by CSPS experts as follows:

  1. Prof. Leben Nelson Moro: Governance, Stabilization and Peace-building
  2. Dr. Augustino Ting Mayai: Health Equity
  3. Dr.  Flora Lado: Smart Agriculture and Food Security
  4. Mr. Avelino Androga Said: Science and Technology in South Sudan
  5. Ms. Kiden Lukudu: Women ‘s Voice and Leadership
  6. Mr. John Christopher Jagu: Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees

The validation workshop was moderated by Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba and the Rapporteur was Mr. Simon Pech Biliw

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