About CSPS

South Sudan Center for Strategic and Policy Studies (CSPS) was established in July 2011, just a week after the country’s independence, with the aim of participating in the development of the country through research.

The search for knowledge and wisdom has continued to be the first priority of humankind over the ages, with the objective of finding solutions to existential challenges, on one hand and managing expectations on the other hand. Consequently, research and technology have proven to be the  best tools to diagnose and provide possible solutions to almost all human problems. Indeed, the desire and the potential to transform human environment to the better has always stimulated human curiosity to learn more about options that will make it possible to either influence or predict the best or worst possible future options for the course of humanity.

Research think-tanks help institutions develop informed policies that adequately address developmental, security, social-economic conundrums (dilemmas) of any country. As a new country, the Republic of South Sudan–through its research institutions and think-tanks–has the potential to contribute to human knowledge and to also adapt to the ever-changing world of technology. To that end, the board of directors of South Sudan Center for Strategic and Policy Studies has identified research gaps and some critical needs, not only of the country but also those of the neighboring countries.

Consequently, CSPS has developed research programs geared towards shaping a democratic developmental state based on participatory democracy and good governance under the aegis of which sustainable development, human and natural resources are utilized for the sole purpose of enhancing the well-being of the population.

A key aspect of the future success of CSPS’s efforts to best inform the analysis and policy-research process depends on the Center’s ability to help build a nation-wide network of researchers and civil society members with a view to harness the power of such a network to both obtain and produce factually correct, unbiased and detailed information in real-time.

The center’s objectives, goals and mission as well as research programs are outlined in great detail in this profile. Our motto, “Living the Future today,” inspires us to work hard every day as if there were no tomorrow.

MOTTO:  Living the Future today

Shaping a democratic, developmental state and a well-informed nation.


Enhancing constructive state-building debate through applied strategic policy research based on balanced critical thinking, informed by progressive objectivity

  CSPS Core Values and Guiding Principles

  • Accountability
  • Competence
  • Confidentiality
  • Dialogue
  • Diversity
  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Trust


  • To contribute effectively to the building of a solid foundation for justice, political empowerment, collaborative security and participatory citizenry
  • To contribute effectively to the development of a modern state dedicated to the pursuit of good governance and sustainable development
  • To help nurture a research-oriented society geared toward knowledge production
  • To contribute effectively to national policies aimed at achieving agricultural and industrial goals
  • To produce research aimed at achieving national security objectives, including cyber security
  • To facilitate and support policy formulation on a variety on of vital national, regional, and international issues, including those related to the impact of climate change, refugees, displaced persons, and migration
  • To create an interactive academic platform for scholars and students
  • To monitor emerging national, regional and international trends in areas of research with a view of disseminating information and tracking policy implementation
  • To help build innovative institutional and human resources capacity
  • To promote collaboration with national, regional and international think-tanks and research institutions