The 5th Continuity Project Training Workshop, February 19-23, 2024

CSPS held the 5th training workshop for the Peer researchers for Continuity project, which lasted for five days from 19 to 23 February 2024, led by Dr. Bill Walhook, Dr. Tania Draebel and Dr. Flora Lado. The workshop focused, among other themes, on the continuity project, its research objectives and qualitative and quantitative methods.

It also dealt with the following questions:

  1. How to tell stories using photos to voice personal stories and show how to express concerns
  2. What patients can do to get proper diagnosis of Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes
  3. Telling stories about who and what others can do to help patients interact with staff at health centers.
  4. Identify, share and discuss cross-cutting themes
  5. Identify the narratives, which are told in identified cross-cutting themes
  6. Learning experiences from creating stories using photo-voice: and discern what went well and what was difficult
  7. How to do things better for tomorrow?
  8. Lessons learned / take home messages.