Duration: Dec 2020 to Feb 2021 (Closed)

The purpose of the assessment is to assess the capacity needs (what is there and what is needed) of local government to undertake sound development management. It is expected that the outcome of the assessment will identify entry points for support and frame a compact between national government, state and development partners in the delivery of some concrete service delivery results at the local level.

The assessment and recommendations will focus on the areas that states have exclusive competences for social service delivery, especially focusing on the following elements:

Capacity on resource management: budgeting; management and accountability of expenditure; asset management, tendering and procurement is done in an accountable and transparent manner; monitor transferred funds; performance audit, sound basic accounting controls:

Responsive governance and effective/efficient delivery of social services: Development planning and management; performance management; transparency and accountability; youth and women empowerment.

Lead Researcher: Dr. Julia Aker Duany and Dr. Biong Kuol Deng

This project was funded by: UNDP, South Sudan